Happy Holidays!

We played our last gig of 2021 this weekend. It was up in Silverado Canyon at their annual Christmas in the Canyons event. Before COVID, Ron and I would sometimes spend a Sunday afternoon driving in the canyons of the Santa Ana Mountains. We usually stopped to visit the local nature preserve in Modjeska Canyon (right next to Silverado Canyon) to say hi to the birds and take pictures. Some of our earliest gigs were benefits for that nature preserve, back before we were even technically “The Odd Birds.” Playing in a secluded canyon in the Santa Ana Mountains this weekend felt a little bit like coming full circle, but in a way that let us see how much we’ve grown. 

We’ve come really far from the days when we couldn’t think of a name and were too intimidated to play any original songs. We played more gigs in 2021 than ever before. We released our second album and people actually played our songs on the radio. They actually asked us to come talk about our songs on the radio. We did our first real tour and it was on a whole other continent! 

And best of all we got to meet and connect with so many new people. We were lucky enough to eat cake and trade stickers and share stories and drink the most disgusting shot we’ve ever tasted with you. (Okay, maybe that last one was not so lucky but it’s an experience I won’t forget). 

It’s a cliché and an understatement to say that 2020 was a difficult year. And for a lot of people, us included, 2021 was equally challenging. But we also had a lot of great things happen for us this year and every single one of them was because of you. We want to thank you all so much for your kindness and support and we hope to get to see more of you and share more with you next year. 

Happy Holidays and we hope your 2022 is better than any year you’ve ever had before.

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