1. Blue

From the recording Blue

Guitars: Ron Grigsby and Jennifer Moraca
Vocals: Jennifer Moraca
Backing Vocals: Ron Grigsby
Drums: Matt Froelich
Music and Lyrics by: Jennifer Moraca and Ron Grigsby
Produced by: Bobbo Byrnes
Recorded at Wandering Star Studios
Mastered By: Jason Deift
Cover Art: Cris Barber
Cover Photograph: Ron Grigsby


Just outside, rain is calling
Next to you, I'm still falling
Drops on the window shadow your face
Your careful words have shattered this place

Blue-grey dawn, world in a cold sweat
Tell me can we go back a moment
Before you told me it's time to move on
Before you told me that your heart was gone

And you've got me so blue. Blue

Morning light fading to evening
Heart in heart pretend I'm believing
Telling myself I'll bridge this expanse
Or that you'd take it back if given a chance

And you've got me so blue. Blue.

In this dark we're now two strangers
Took our life and rearranged it
All of our memories locked up so tight
All that I'm asking, just hold me tonight

And you've got me so blue. Blue
Yeah you've got me so blue. Blue. Blue. Blue.