Hand Surgery and KOCI Radio

If you've been following our Facebook page this year, you might know that Ron had surgery on his right hand earlier this year for his trigger finger. Once he healed, we were having a great time getting to play again, until his left hand started having the same issues on his thumb and two of his other fingers. This was actually a worse problem than his right hand, because Ron's right handed, meaning his left hand is the hand that does all the fretting work. This requires a lot of hand strength and dexterity and his trigger finger was making it almost impossible.

We got to the point where we were planning set lists around what songs he could play with the least amount of pain and we had to face the fact that he needed to get another surgery.

He got it done a few days ago and he has been healing really well, but the recovery time does mean that unfortunately we're probably not going to be doing any more live performances in 2022. We will however be on Michaela Compton's Ground Zero show on KOCI on December 5 at 8:15pm. We'll be talking some music and playing some songs live. So tune in then!

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